A wide range of new and remanufactured, starter and alternator units are available from passenger vehicles to earthmoving equipment.

Main components like armatures, field coils, bendix drives and solenoids for starters, as well as rotors and stators for alternators, are all available new and remanufactured.


Rectifier failure, most often caused by diode malfunction, is one of the primary causes of alternator failure.
Bearings are critical to alternator durability because of extreme lateral loads applied by the driven belt, in addition to excessive heat and vibration.
Rotors and Stators
The heart of the alternator and its current-generating components, rotors and stators may be subjected to excessive heat that can deteriorate insulation and cause shots.
Slip Rings
Slip rings must be in constant contact with the brushes or, uneven wear can occur and lead to failure
Worn brushes interrupt electrical contact and shorten the life of alternators
Armature Support Bushings
These bushings protect finely machined components against ongoing wear
Solenoid Contacts
The solenoid assembly torque-producing elements, the armature and commutator are critical to proper cranking capability.
Drive Clutch Assemblies
Consisting of numerous small, intricate parts, the drive clutch assembly is subjected to considerable abuse with every start.

At Stargen Auto Electrical we offer just about every service that you require when it comes to Auto Electrical, as well as the services we have listed below:

  • Repairs to all makes of Starter Motors
    • Repairs to all makes of Alternators
    General Auto Electrical repairs for passenger,
    commercial and earth moving equipment
    Bosch vehicle diagnostics
    Airbag diagnostics & fault finding
    Abs diagnostics & fault finding
    Suppliers of Auto Electrical parts
    Car air-conditioning repairs & regassing
    Stockists of Bosch car batteries
    Netstar vehicle Tracking installations
    Alarm, anti–hijack and immobilizer installations